The Role Of Police Officer Duties On Public Safety, State Program Duties

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Police have protected our society for many years. Malicious acts and carnal nature are acts that anyone can do at any time. American history changed the outlook of citizens. Besides apprehending criminals what police officer duties there are a variety duties? Without officers in society would cause a dystopia. The importance of police in society comes to protect public safety, state program duties, and expanded role of police officers. Topic I : Public Safety
A. Universal precautions
B. Social Control
C. Undercover Policing
Topic II; State programs duties for officers
A. Community policing
B. Reactive policing
C. Traffic Control
Topic III: Expanded Role of Officers
A. Interpol

Topic I : Public Safety
A. Universal precautions
Law Enforcement officers interact with a variety of people. In order to remain safe and unbiased police are needed to address to people with disabilities. According to the ADA (Americans with disabilities act) an officer cannot discriminate a person with disabilities. Any exposure to HIV or AIDS in order for the police officer to maintain safety precautions and making sure surrounding people are not exposed themselves. Public safety is a key factor for officers. In the absence of law enforcement officers we would not understand how to handle a person in emergency situation or threatened. “

B. Social Control
Protest, marches, riots and terrorism all are called for police officers to maintain social control.…

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