The Roles Of African American Actors Essay

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The roles of African American actors and actresses in popular Hollywood films can be grouped into three categories: rags to riches, gangsta and hood life, and segregation. When African American actors are portrayed in different roles, they seem to receive many negative reviews. In recent years, actor Kenneth Branagh was cast as a Idris Elba, a Nordic god, in Thor. There was debate about whether or not a man of color should play the character, but Branagh defends himself by saying that Elizabeth Taylor played Cleopatra and other white actors played people of color, yet he gets hate for being a man of color playing a white character. Racism has been a dominant force in media for years, starting with minstrel shows that demeaned African Americans. Bamboozled, directed by Spike Lee, tells a story about a modern day minstrel show that effectively sends a message about losing racial identity because of the need to please white people and stereotypes through satirical humor. In Bamboozled, directed by Spike Lee, the main character is Pierre Delacroix, whose real name is Peerless Dothan, who works for a television network. He works for Thomas Dunwitty, a white man who uses derogatory words freely. Delacroix constantly comes up with television show ideas that Dunwitty rejects, claiming them as not black enough and too “Cosby.” Sick and tired of his job, but bound by a contract, Delacroix and his assistant Sloane Hopkins create a racially offensive, new-age minstrel show where the…

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