The Safety And Social Responsibility Essays

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is the uncertain risk environment, meeting externally, imposed obligation that is work place safety and social responsibility that focuses on keeping the environment clean. The post-loss objectives are survival that ensures the survival of the enterprise, continuity of operations that makes money, if you are unable to produce something, then someone else will produce. Earnings stability, continued growth and social responsibility are all post-loss objectives.

2. Identification of risks - this process ensures that the organization does not ignore anything that can destroy it. For example, a risk manager can conduct interviews by talking to employees at all levels and talk to the lower level workers first. Inspections of the facility for example the warehouse and vehicles, examination of records and documents, analysis of documents, use of flowcharts helps the risk manager to find out the things that are hazardous and perilous and could negatively affect the operation of the business. This analysis could help the manager to identify critical elements of risk. The tools used to identify risk are risk analysis questionnaires, exposure checklist, insurance policy checklists and the expert system software.

3. Evaluation of risks – this is measures or estimate how severe the magnitude of risk. There are techniques used to focus on issues that are important to the firm such as critical analysis. By doing a critical analysis, it helps to determine the severity of the risks. Risk…

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