The Sandbox By Edward Albee Essay

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Grandma is in the Sandbox
“The Sandbox” by Edward Albee brings together ordinary people and grim humor to convey an underlying message of the importance of caring for our elderly parents as they approach death. The author seems to be saying that as we become older we become increasingly irrelevant and jaded by others in our life whom we might have cared for and loved. Grandma, the leading character, displays a disturbing propensity for childish behavior and is in conflict with her family, society, and death. Mommy is a heartless disciplinarian and berates Daddy at every opportunity. She wears the pants in this household. Daddy has to depend on Mommy for guidance. He seems to accept Mommy’s poor view of him. The handsome, charismatic, yet dumb, Young Man is the Angel of Death. His mannerisms and good looks takes the sting out of what he has come to do, take grandma when she dies. The Musician is used as a symbol of a funeral. The characters of the play each takes on a personal outlook and each play a role in life. Many people who care for the elderly are busy and resent that their role in life has changed. The elderly also struggle with the injustices, the treatment, the need for help and feeling of being a burden to their children. “The Sandbox" is an interesting play that reads like a commentary on the impact of caring for the elderly and death in people 's lives.

At the beginning of the play, it is a bright day. On stage is the Young Man with his endearing smile; he is…

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