The Sarah Model : Role For A Business Analyst Essay

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For this week’s Analysis assignment I have chosen to complete the SARAH model. By performing this model I would like to identify and evaluate business systems. The role for a business analyst is to investigate the different business situations, look at strategy, stimulate creative thinking, and develop a business case. The best example of the SARAH model is when a kid says something t another person that might hurt their feelings. As the kid gets in trouble he responses and says that he was only telling the truth. People don’t always like the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. As a manager in my company sometimes you have to deliver bad news.
The first step in the SARAH model is dealing with the shock. Going back to the example of the kid telling the truth, when someone says something that you don’t agree with or don’t want to hear it can result in surprise or shock around the subject. This can also be created by change in the business model. For long timers a lot of time this change overwhelming. It is best to deliver bad news, or shocking new in private in order to control the messaging.
The second step that a individuals goes through is the anger stage once the information is absorbed many get upset because they feels as if they are criticized. In a business getting where change is being talked about many get angry because they are oozing there comfort. In my current employer we are currently dealing with this model of change. Approximately 2 weeks ago…

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