Essay on The School Of A School

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The term “school connectedness” has many aspects to it. To me, this term is three-fold. A school is a building, but the people inside of it, and surrounding it are connected. Having a connection between students and teachers is key to a successful school. Relationships also need to be built between the school faculty and the students’ families. I also think it is important that the staff within the building have good working relationships with one another. Positive human connection is an important part of healthy environment. Students who feel like the teachers and faculty of a school respect and care for them are more likely to succeed academically (lecture 3). This should change the way that teachers look at their job. If teachers can help their students succeed by simply putting effort into connecting with them, why aren’t more teachers going that extra mile? I am not blaming teachers for the way that students behave or perform in school. I am merely pointing out that teachers have a huge responsibility and = a great opportunity to be positive role models that will benefit young people’s academics and personal life. I have a real-world example of how life changing a teacher’s influence can be to a student. When I was in field, a student that was in sixth grade would be considered a “problem student.” That is not the term that the school used for him, I am simply using it as an example. This student was on an IEP but I do not know specifics about it nor would I share…

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