The Scientific Method Of Science Essay

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The thing that makes the human race so unique is that human beings have a unique ability to find solutions to their problem or issues. In the beginning of time the human race found that it was in the elements so they found shelter in caves. Then they found that there were not caves everywhere they went so that built shelters to keep them from the elements. “However, effective and reliable problem origination, prevention, solution, and challenge of solution did not begin until our scientists recognized and developed the experimental method, the method of science, most commonly called the scientific method.” “Throughout history, the scientific method has often been viewed mainly as a method of scientists. Some believe that the scientific method is actually a general method”. “As the term ‘scientific’ is generally used today, it refers to any reasoning which attempts to proceed from observable facts of experience to reasonable (that is, relevant and testable) explanations for those facts. The scientific method is not confined to professional scientists: anyone can be said to be proceeding scientifically who follows the general pattern of reasoning from evidence to conclusions that can be tested by experience. The skilled detective is a scientist in this sense, as are most of us – in our more rational moments, at least (Edmund, 2006).” It is important for a business manager to grasp the basics of scientific research because this type of investigation will carry more…

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