The Skinner 's Influence On Psychology Essay

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B.F Skinner’s Influence in Psychology B.F Skinner is a pioneer in the field of psychology namely for his work in behavioralism. Even today his axioms are used to aid phobias and addictions. Furthermore, he invented the theory of operant conditioning, which is now considered foundational in psychology and is still applicable to the mind’s processes. Operant conditioning involves a multitude different principles that leave it relevant in today’s psychology, these principles include: shaping, aversive stimuli, behavior modification, and reinforcement. Skinner also was an author along with his work in the psychology field. His books were stories but his ideals of operant conditioning bled through in his works. This paper is going to examine all of this and how it all pertains to modern psychology. Skinner is most known for his work in the field of behavior, he believed he could shape animals to perform actions that he would condition them to do. This was first exemplified when he convinced the military to fund what he called the “Pigeon Project”. Skinner believed he could train pigeons to guide bombs and torpedoes with proper training (Greengrass, 2004, p. 80). Skinner’s most notable work in behaviorism is his research of operant condition via rats. His research was conducted by placing a rat in a small cage with a button that when pressed would release food. Eventually, the rat would haphazardly press the button and release food, this, eventually, would lead to the…

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