Essay on The Social Issue Of A Boy Becoming A Man

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Society in the modern world has grown cold of valiantly, courageous men. In the early days, men were bold as lions fighting for survival and protecting the families. These were men who lived boldly by the sword and who were truthful. Men of this sort were full of integrity and value; these were aggressive men who never took no for an answer. As time goes by, the world begins to try to understand what happened to all the men? Where did they all go? In today’s generation, the key elements that merits a boy becoming a man, simply lies within the home. Many children in society today are left absence of warmth; fatherless. Being raised in a generation where a mother takes full responsibility in taking part in her children’s life, (especially a young boy) takes the aggression out of her child becoming a man. I believe this is a social issue because it changes the society in which mankind lives in.
In raising a family, the responsibility should never solely be place upon a woman. Stability and the structure of a family should be upheld by a man.. As warfare offices are being filled everyday with single moms, and divorced mothers, the question is raised, where is her support? Where is the man, her husband, and where is the father of her little boy? It’s a sad thing that the word divorce even exists; some men don’t understand the sacredness of marriage and holding it together. Sacredness is seemed to be a holy word but is likened to protected jewel. This is something you must do…

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