The Social Of A Social Worker Essay

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A social worker is a professional who is dedicated to the quest of social justice and well-being of distressed individuals, and populations. In their obligation they use research, policy, community organizing, direct practice, crisis intervention, and teaching for the profit of those under social difficulties. The social work profession is an extensive profession that uses a variety of abilities and knowledge to do their work. Social workers are faced with many social and health problems. These are found in poverty, mental illness, child abuse and neglect, emotional instability, illness, economic uncertainty, domestic violence, homelessness, and drug abuse. With that being said, our society is very diverse, and along with these social problems comes diversity. Social workers must be culturally and diversely competent when working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. When working with all social and health problems; the National Association of Social Workers established the Code of Ethics to promote professionalism in their environment. We live in a world with a variety of bureaucratic systems implemented into our society. However, not everyone in our society is protected by these systems. Social work is necessary to help those left behind in our ever-changing society. We need professionals who fight for people’s rights, protect the vulnerable, support those who need support (Reamer). Society needs individuals who are going to promote a fairer, more equal…

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