Essay on The Social Of Social Media

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As for my urge to check out my Facebook immediately after I wake up, the social media helped me to maintain my social relationships as well as my gossips fuel. By reverse-engineering the social media aspect, I believe that I want to have a knowledge about relationship such as who is mating with whom, who became allies, and enemies. In a way, social media act as a gossip for me and gossip allow me to maintain my place in the human pack. Also, it allows me to establish and maintain friendships in terms of social connections. But today, the social networking is overwhelming and readily available for me. I have 200+ ‘friends’ on my Facebook and more of them I knew personally, but I do not have time to interact with them one-on-one. I have limits on social relationship since I do not have ability to cater 200+ ‘friends’. I do make time for quickly scan their Facebook status and pictures they posted on their wall. I have different type of friendship levels-quarter friends (whom I interact with when we have same course), closest friends (on best friend level-I interact with them on personal level), and just ‘friend’ (i.e. 200+ Facebook friends who I don’t interact personally every weeks). Our genes and culture encourage sociality. The technology of social network promotes sociality and connections so our innate have tendency to connect but at a large scale that changing the way we live.
Since we are social animals, we developed a desire to maintain social connections in terms of…

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