The Social Of Social Media Essay

1469 Words Nov 17th, 2015 6 Pages
Building a true and meaning relationship is about exchanging ones thoughts with another persons ' by communicating face to face. It is difficult for the youth to gain the social parts of life via technology. Most people argue that the social media websites have positive outcome on social interaction. Humans tend to create relationships through the internet because it is easier. Technology can come in the way with personal communication from the daily face to face contact. Through out time, when people depend on communicating through text or chat, they tend to grow to be socially awkward with their surrounding. Due to the anxiety that they come across from being placed face to face , they grow to become socially awkward when being put in front of others.

Moreover, even though this can be dangerous, youth have the chance to meet many new people in chat room. Social media websites can hold many risky people who tend to be very harmful to the youth. Being able to access any persons post on a social media website is a big risk the youth take by putting their life out their, via pictures or even a small status. Not only is it risky to the youth but it is a physical danger. The studies from “Kids Health”, prove that the youth are the most likely to be “approached by a predator, receive harassment from peers, and be chosen to be identity fraud victim”(kids health). Being an easy target on social media websites, the youth go through negative outcomes due to their…

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