Essay on The Social Theory And Social Theories

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The criminal rates in the United States continue to skyrocket. The social theories explain how society influences people greatly. There are two theories in social theories. The first one is the social structure theory, which is also made up of two theories, that focuses on how individuals are influenced by social institutions that make up organized social institutions. The social structure criminologists study categories such as poverty, disorganized neighborhoods, school systems, and gangs. All of those categories can influence individuals to commit criminal acts. This theory includes two more theories called social disorganization theory and the strain theory. The social disorganization theory ties into what the social structure criminologists study. The theory states that if a neighborhood is disorganized then it will most likely experience a higher crime rate. A disorganized neighborhood is described as a place with a high unemployment rate, high dropout rates from school, low income levels, and large number of households that are ran by single parents. These factors can cause residents to act out. For example, someone who is unemployed may decide to go and take their neighbor’s television without their permission because they cannot afford one themselves, which would be robbery. Having people who are struggling or having problems that negatively affect their lives living in the same environment should be a crime itself. However, the strain theory paints the picture that…

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