The Social Work Of An Organization Essay

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When you begin working in an organization, you become part of a larger system. It is important to understand how such a large system work, in order to fit in well. Often some kind of function in the system does not work as well as it could, and will it is going to take someone or group to decide change it. The social work profession consists of collective values that reflect the responsibility, implicit in the role of social work in society (Levy, 1973. p 36). Social workers have a substantial amount of influence in the worker to client relationship, and I believe that sets social workers in a position of responsibility for their clients, because of their abilities and knowledge with in their profession. An act such as changing an organization requires a substantial understanding of how the organizations work to effectively implement change. Even though, social workers’ responsibility to clients are primary, their responsibility to the larger society sometimes succeed the responsibility to their clients (NASW, 2008). With that said it will be a take a somewhat complex decision process to help address such a dilemma. I suggest the PREPARE and IMAGINE models to help guide a social worker through the process address such a dilemma and implement change within their agency.
I assume the social worker is working within a bureaucracy. “Bureaucracy is an administrative structure with well-defined offices or functions and hierarchical relationship between the functions…

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