The Sociological Understandings On The Feminist Social Theory

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This essay will discuss the meaning behind the Feminist Social Theory from various sources on definitions and explanations. Following this it will also conduct the understandings within the workings on Marxism theories and Michael Foucault. With their theories behind their own meanings and understandings on Feminism Social Theory. However, with comparison to the workings of famous Feminist sociologist, Simone de Beauvior, being well known feminist theorist and being engaged within feminist politics. A lot of the workings and theories of Marxism and Foucault will be proven unethical from various sources providing the evidence and from personal opinion. This essay will give the seemingly unknowledgeable with some help from Marxism, Foucault and Beauvior about the sociological understandings on the Feminist Social Theory.
From all indications a large amount of women have become more and more involved with socialist feminism as a solution to the persistent problem of sexism (Ehrlich, 1986 p. 1). The word socialism refers to the concerns for the working class, a body of revolutionary theory that in most sense aims towards the working class and living examples of industrialised countries that are structured differently (Ehrlich 1986, p.1). Which to feminists promises to end the economic inequality of working women (Ehrlich, 1986 p. 1). The feminist movement (women studies and feminist theories) developed firstly within the social sciences (Marshall and…

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