The Sources Of Renewable Energy Essay

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As stated in the article “A Path to Sustainable Energy by 2030,” the three main sources of renewable energy are technologies that consist of zero-emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants of their entire life cycle (Jacobson, 87). Of course there are several renewable energy sources, but the three main resources listed in the article are wind, water and sunlight (WWS). To this day, wind supplies up to 51% of the energy demand with about 3.8 million wind turbines installed (Jacobson, 88). They are composed of concrete and steel in which steel may become a scarce resource (Jacobson, 88). However, wind energy has a downtime of only 2% on land and 5% at sea compared to 12.5% for coal (Jacobson, 88). A second renewable energy source would be water. To this day, there are over 900 hydroelectric stations that result in 9% of the energy demand (Jacobson, 88). When it comes to downtime with water, only a small fraction of production is affected. Lastly is sunlight which makes up 40% of our energy production (Jacobson, 88). Of that 40%, 30% comes from rooftop panels on homes and commercial buildings with 89,000 on concentrated solar power plants (Jacobson, 88). Solar panels are made up of a variety of different resources including crystalline silicon, copper, iridium selenide and sulfide to name a few (Jacobson, 88). However, supplies of tellurium and indium, also needed to make solar panels, may become scarce therefore limiting the production of solar panels (Jacobson, 88).…

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