The Stanford Prison Experiment Essay

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The Stanford Prison Experiment Does giving one person more power than another really change the way that they will react in a certain situation? Do certain circumstances cause a different reaction in different people? That was the question for the Stanford Prison Experiment performed by Phil Zimbardo in 1971. In an attempt to show what life was like to be in prison, the inmates and guards of Stanford County Jail, were placed in an almost inhumane setting. The tyranny of the men in charge, along with the abuse of the inmates, goes to show how people that are placed in an environment and told to play roles that they are not necessarily familiar with, can go wrong. The Stanford Prison Experiment, is still to this day questioned and studied in many college psychology classes throughout the country. It is one of the world’s most renowned studies in psychology, even after forty years. Through this passage, I will show you what happened in the six days that the experiment took place, and the effects it had on all of the people involved. In august of 1971, the Stanford County Jail was opened to its volunteer prisoners and guards. This was not just your average prison. It was actually a carefully constructed room inside the basement of the Stanford University Psychology building. In order to obtain candidates for the experiment, an advertisement was placed in the newspaper for anyone who wanted to participate in the study of how life was in prison. Seventy-five men were interviewed…

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