The Storm By Kate Chopin Essay

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“The Storm” is a story written by Kate Chopin. It is a sequel to “At the Cadian Ball.” In At the Cadian Ball,” characters Alcee, Calixta, Bobinot, and Clarisse are introduced. Alcee falls for Calixta, but cannot be with her because she is lower-class and he is upper-class. During this time period, it was almost forbidden for someone to marry out of their class. Clarisse saw that Alcee liked Calixta, so she proposed to him and they marry. Shortly after, Calixta marries Bobinot, who is of her class. “The Storm” was Calixta and Alcee’s first time seeing each other since they were younger. This story is set in the time of the nineteenth century in Louisiana. The main characters are Calixta, Bobinôt, Bibi, and Alcée. Calixta is still married to Bobinôt and they have a four year old son named Bibi. One day, Bobinôt and Bibi go to the local store. A storm is on the way and Calxita is worried. Back in this time there were no phones. So, Calixta had no way of knowing their whereabouts. Alcee was passing by Calixta’s house when the storm came. He took refuge in her house from the storm. This results in an affair and hidden feelings to be resurfaced. “The Storm” brought about much criticism and scrutiny when it was published, because of the sexuality. However, this is one of the reason it makes a good reader response paper. Reader response papers are open ended. These papers discusses what the readers think about the story and how it makes them feel. In this particular paper, I will…

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