The Story Of An Hour And Lust By Far Have Captured My Attention

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After reading a number of short stories “The Story of an Hour” and “Lust” by far have captured my attention most. They both share many similarities and differences. The authors of these stories were able to use their creative writing skill in order to keep the reader intrigued. These two stories have a very distinctive ironic tone. However the narration of both stories are completely different. The characters all though from completely different time periods are very much alike. In this essay I will try to explain how these two short stories are very much a like yet somewhat different. In “The Story of Hour” the story begins with the sad news of a train accident that killed Mrs. Mallard’s husband. The family is trying to figure out the best way of breaking the news to Mrs. Mallard since she suffers from a weak heart. Once the news is disclosed Mrs. Mallard is in shock and goes to her room by herself. After giving her husband death some thought, she realizes that she is finally free. She no longer has the burden of a man. Mrs. Mallard goes downstairs and her husband walk through the door. Mrs. Mallard dies of a heart attack. The doctors say she died “of joy that kills”. As the reader you are aware that it was not of joy but, the complete opposite. Kate Chopin used situational irony in this story. As the reader I expected Mrs. Mallard to be able to live her life as she planned in her bedroom. However the story takes a twist and then one that is free is her husband. Chopin…

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