The Story Of The Book ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Everyone has a story.

Some people’s are tragic from the start, their pages filled with tales of heartache and loss; the spine of their book has been broken beyond repair.

Other stories are of success and triumph, each chapter containing another victory on their battlefield and ending with a happily ever after.

However, some people’s stories fall somewhere in between. There are no great acts of valor, no princesses rescued from towers.

There was just a girl, and this is her story.

It is a simple tale. The first chapter begins with the girl and her two loving parents, living in the heart of the great city, New Orleans. Her heart was full of song and the red curls on top her head bounced to the beat of the ever present music that flowed from the streets. The young girl grew taller and the number of pages in her book got higher, yet very little else changed. The setting of our story moved from the city to a nearby small town, the hair upon her head faded to blonde and the ringlets fell to waves. Siblings were born and the love in the small home that the 0family of I 've shared grew more every day. The songs that had stolen her heart as a child now moved their way past her lips and flowed onto the pages of her life.

Despite a life filled mostly with bliss, this particular girls story always seemed to be the one no one ever quite finished. Her book sat up on the highest shelf, allowing for a thick layer of dust to collect on the top and keep all the light of the world…

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