The Story ' Shh ' And ' Dis Huffs ' Essay

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"So," Dis huffs, "How did it go with Kili?"

"We could have talked about this back at the house."

"Shh! Just tell me!"

Thorin should have seen it coming. He should have known not to expect them to allow him to leave without "repaying" him in some way. Dis and Vili had spent, what? Twenty minutes trying to get him to go out to lunch with him? And when Thorin continuously repeated his "It wasn 't any trouble, really" line, Dis ended up convincing him that she 'd drive him home (with Thorin 's car) and just catch a cab to go back.

It was too much damn trouble, but this is his sister. It 's always too much trouble.

"It went fine." Thorin frowned at her from the passenger seat.

Dis grinned. "Yeah? He actually spoke to you?"

"Yep. He said the only reason he didn 't talk to you about it is because you get too excited."

"Tsk! So? My little boy is growing up!"

Thorin just hums and adds after a few moments, "I suggested he invite her to the barbecue."

"Is he going to?"

"If he ever speaks to h-"

"He hasn 't spoken to her yet?!" Dis suddenly hollers, turning to gape at Thorin.

"Road!" Thorin yells back, to which his sister waves a hand at before turning back to the windshield. "No, he hasn 't," He continues, "Don 't overwhelm him about it, okay?"

Dis pauses and loses her smile. "Do I overwhelm you, Thorin?"

"Often." Thorin replies blindly.

It takes a few seconds before Dis mutters a soft, "I 'm sorry," that has Thorin mentally punching himself.

"It 's not a bad thing,"…

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