The Struggle For Equality Among Men And Women Essay

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For centuries there has been a struggle for equality amongst men and women. Men have been viewed as the superior race, forcing women to overcome many obstacles of being the lesser, of the two genders. One area which does not receive much attention is the sexual repercussions women have faced in relation to the number of sexual partners they have had; and sexual relationships prior to marriage. Women for centuries have faced sexual repercussions due to the “double standard”; a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups; and to this day are fighting for the ultimate rights to act in manners which they please and not be scrutinized for their actions. (Google, 2014). Unit Four of the course material begins in explaining how for centuries men have been granted more sexual freedom than women; and women who had, had sexual partners were viewed as promiscuous. (Sociology 213, Unit 4, 2015). “According to public norms, sexuality was restricted to marriage or at least to heterosexual couples who were formally engaged, although, clearly a double standard existed for men and women”, (Baker, Pg 46, 2014. Granted, this Double Standard began years back, it is without doubt still prevalent in today’s society, if not more so than ever. Today women are not only judged for having sexual relationships with another, yet, the clothes they choose to wear, whom they associate with and even such things as the extra-curricular activities they take…

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