The Sublime And Transcendentalism Essay

872 Words Jul 21st, 2015 4 Pages
Everyone 's become too dependent on what they are used to having without working for it, but what if something went wrong? Where would we be then? Money is central, it causes war, poverty, disagreements and it gets to people 's heads. War is ongoing, in too many countries of the world. Yet so many people turn a blind eye to it, not enough people care. Eventually, we will be brought back to a more natural way of living by one means or another. If we choose to live more harmoniously, we can still retain the things of beauty and value that we have achieved thus far. Considering the ideas of the sublime and transcendentalism, returning to a natural state a living in a natural environment is impossible to do on a mainstream stage with the development and redevelopment of technology and science. “For something to bring you to the sublime, it must move you in a way nothing else can”, says Professor Danielle Panto. Something of the sublime elevates you to a degree of moral or spiritual purity or excellence. Everyone has something that brings them to the sublime, but our society couldn 't go back to a simpler society because our generation is solely based around technology and money. With the development of texting, youtube, iPhones, etc, the world could never go back to a natural state because thats not in the plan for what we have. For example, in everything you see regarding the future in tv shows or movies, the world is covered with computers and everyones life is surrounded…

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