The Summer Before I Started Classes At Usi Essay

1283 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Final Paper The summer before I started classes at USI, I went over my class schedule for this fall almost daily, hoping it would help me to adjust to my new school. If I’m being completely honest, the idea of a class titled “Diversity and Equity” made me dread it. The town that I grew up in could essentially be considered a “whitopia,” (CITE TED TALK). According to’s Civil Rights Data Collection, Warrick County School Corporation — where I attended every level of school — is listed as being 89.6% white out of the 10,090 students enrolled. I was afraid of what I would learn in the class, and how it would present the race that I identify with, but as I took the class, I realized it was about so much more than that. I came to learn about a lot more than just race, ethnicity, and culture, which eased my fears. Therefore, for the purpose of this essay, I will discuss my learnings from this class, my professional goals, and how I can improve myself for the future within the terms of diversity and equity. If you had asked me on August 23, 2015 — just twenty-four hours before I began taking this Diversity and Equity course — what race, ethnicity, and culture I identified with, I would answer all three in one simple word: white. On the first day of class, I learned just how wrong I was. I learned that they were each their own separate topic. Now, three months later, I would have completely different answers for all three. I’m fully aware that my race is…

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