Essay The Summer Semester For Humanities

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-----The summer semester for Humanities is coming to an end and I can personally say on my behalf that this was a learning experience that I will not forget. I know it sounds cheesy but this class was different in comparison to the other classes that I had previously taken before; in this class I was able to learn about several cultures their art, rituals, places of worship and music. I said this class was different because I had never actually spent that much time looking at other cultures nor taking the time to actually understand them, but for this summer class I was given the task to do it, and it soon didn’t feel like I was doing homework anymore because I was actually enjoying the work I was doing and the reading I was doing on the course textbook. As I previously stated in this class I was given the chance to learn about cultures around the world, and I was able to learn about them not just by reading a college textbook but by actually looking into their art and understanding what it meant to them, understanding their beliefs and learn about their architecture. People take art for granted most of time and I was able to learn during this course that that should not always be the case because behind a piece of art it contains a lot of history, through paintings on walls, caves and portraits we were able to understand cultures thousands of years back, we were able to tell their story and understand their way of life and we wouldn’t be able to do that if we did not take…

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