The Tempest : Law And Human Rights Essay

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Dramatization of The Tempest: Law and Human Rights

Shakespeare’s drama, The Tempest, is a play that evokes controversy and can be read as morally ambiguous. The dynamics of power, wealth, law and human rights can be perceived differently depending on which character you empathize with. Through dramatizations presented by Group 2 on law, and Group 3 on human rights, we will explore these concepts as portrayed through scenes acted out in class. The concepts of law and human rights can be very subjective in the sense that they are representative of one character’s views, which creates a social dynamic of power relationships we see throughout the play; Prospero and Miranda, Prospero and Caliban, Prospero and Ferinand, Prospero and Ariel, and Stephano and Caliban (Group 3 Notes). By analyzing three scenes dramatized by these groups we can better understand the issues at the center of their performances, concerning law and human rights.
The issue that arises for Group 3 becomes if human rights are gained or inherited. Group 3 presented these issues and showed us the dynamic first hand, when acting out scenes from Act 1. In Act 1.2 we see Ariel dressed in white. They use a woman to play this role, although Ariel is normally seen as a man. This could be due to the comparison normally made between Ariel and Caliban. The use of the color white gives the perception of good or peaceful. The character Prospero is played by a male, he wears a cape and holds a staff to show he has magic…

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