Essay on The Theoretical Orientation Case Study

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Theoretical Orientation Case Study
Case Study:
Matthew is a 35 year old middle class white man. He comes from a traditional household, where his father was head and refused to let his mother work. Matthew’s father believed that women should not work, instead stay home and raise the children. Matthew adopted his father’s ways of raising his own family. Matthew works full time as a police officer. He and his wife, who is addicted to prescription drugs, are going through a divorce and custody battle. Matthew has been mandated to have therapy sessions for the stress of his job, divorce, and custody battle. Matthew states that his “kids are upset that their mother has been arrested for drugs again.”
Kiara is a 34 year old black woman. She comes from a low income family, where both of her parents worked to support their family. She dropped out of college to have children with Matthew. It was through that time, she experimented with drugs until she became addicted to prescription medication. She reported to her counselor that she feels like she missed her opportunity to have a career when she became pregnant and married at a young age. Kiara stated that she wants to express her feelings to Matthew, but he is never home. When he is there their conservations turn hostile and she makes her feel hopeless. Kiara stated that her son Jesse is, “upset because he feels like he does not have a father,” and Lindsay is “upset because she wants a normal happy family.” Kiara feels guilty that…

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