The Theories Of Biological Psychology Essay example

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Name 2 psychologists who used this approach Charles Darwin.
Knight Dunlap.

Outline the key assumptions The main assumptions of biological psychology is that behaviour is influenced by brain anatomy, genetics and biochemistry and that there is a direct relationship between behaviour and biology.
The biological approach is deterministic and falls strictly on the side of nature in the nature vs nurture discussion.

At least part of the development of the brain is determined by the genes a person inherits which means that behaviour may be influenced by genetic factors. Further to this, because the genes we inherit are the product of evolution, bio-psychologists believe psychological and behavioural characteristics have evolutionary explanations.

Biological psychology is the only approach that examines, from a biological and therefore physical point of view, thoughts, feelings and behaviours. This means all that is psychological starts are physiological. Thoughts, feelings and behaviours have a biological cause.
What research methods are favoured with this approach? There are many methods used in the research of the biological approach of psychology, however, methods that are well controlled, quantitive and objective are most favoured because they are more likely to produce valid scientific evidence. Because of this, laboratory experiments where cause and effect can be established, hypotheses can be tested and things can be controlled, are highly favoured.


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