The Theory Of Constructivism And Constructivism Essay

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Prior to my formal studies in Elementary Education I was not aware of the many learning theories discussed within this course. Although, I knew exactly what I wanted to instill in my students and how I wanted to teach to them I was not aware that it closely related to a learning theory called Constructivism. I found all the learning theories to be not only relatable in some aspect or another but, significantly intriguing. However, I found that the learning theory, constructivism, seemed to be the one I related to the most. With that said, there were also some areas that I found were conversely different from my view and/or philosophy of teaching especially as it was contradictive of my beliefs. However, although the pendulum swings in many directions the ultimate goal of this theory and its theorists are well founded and can be successfully utilized.
The theory of constructivism has many facets and levels and this can be seen though out the literature of many theorists. Constructivism is like an umbrella that covers a many fundamentally different meanings which depends on the underlying assumptions about the nature of the representations (Allen & Bickhard, 2011).Ultimately, all agree that constructivism is a way of building knowledge about self, school, everyday experiences, and society through reflection and meaning creation. However, there are some aspects of the theory that may conflict with a Christian view and/or way of instruction. As Christians we are taught that a…

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