Essay on The Theory Of Psychology And Its Effects On The Field

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The history of psychology has taken various directions, some which have had an incredible influence on the field and others which have hindered its progression. As psychologists, we are believers of the scientific method in which researchers aim to study the mechanisms by which we function. Although this consideration is necessary to some extent, there are certain intangible concepts that cannot be determined through a simple cause and effect studies. In order to have a more in depth understanding of the true human paradigm, researchers should consider factors, such as emotions and purpose that are relevant in an individual’s life. Thus, I believe the future of psychology should apply more ingenious components into research, and eventually consider the self as a one of its focus, while still encompassing out mental processes. The field should also focus on implementing therapeutic tools, such as mindfulness, to replace the current dependence for medications. In order to frame a positive and effective field of psychology, we must consider the history and what society has experienced to construct an effective strategy towards approaching a new field of psychology.
Ineffective Approaches in the Field
Taking history into consideration, there have been many phases that have resulted in a negative position in the field. I believe that the major downsides to our history have been primarily involved with the strict empiricism point of view and its similar counterparts.…

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