The Theory Of Self Psychology Essay

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Human- animal interaction has always been considered a healthy way for people who seem to be depressed or alone. Having someone to care for is always recommended for people who are alone with no kids or spouse, having a pet is a good way of keeping someone sane. The interaction between human and animals can be beneficial on both sides, for the animal it can help a lot of them in need that have suffered abuse and neglect. However for humans it’s a sense of comfort and care they don’t always necessarily find in others. One of the basic theories of self-psychology is the self and the self-object. Meaning a person has qualities that gives them a sense of who they are, the self-object is the response and help from the environment. For example as stated in the paper by Sue- Ellen Brown ‘a person could place a very high value on reaching an ideal image of career success but lack the ambition or talents to follow through. These responses are provided by “objects” (people, animals, things, experiences, or ideas) in the surrounding environment and are called self-object functions. These special stimulus can provide a person with the comfort they will need.
When you take it back to the beginning of it all you have to take into consideration the self-psychology first. Which is understanding a person as an individual, by this you see their personality type, cultural and even social aspects of life. Many people don 't take into consideration how beneficial the human-animal interaction…

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