Essay about The Theory Of Social Psychology Class

1008 Words May 21st, 2016 null Page
During my childhood, I was not able to learn social skills with my peers because they were making fun of me about physical disability. Most people assumed that I could not be socialize with other people because they thought that I was a different from them. As I learned the concepts in social psychology class that I need to learn how to approach the peers because that is the one of the important ways to make friends and get along with them by finding common so that I should have been have fun with them better. However, I did not have enough self esteem so that I did not have any growth mindset or fixed mindset in order to fix my behavior because I was not motivated myself to thinking about to change my behavior at that time.
According to lecture, social perception is a study of how we form impressions and make inferences about other people(Blum lecture). Most of my friends were having bad first impressions of me because I had physical disability so that they did not want to be friends with me. I could tell their expressions with non verbal communication because they had those face expressions, gestures, and movements that they did not want me around. Therefore, I had depression in my childhood because I had less friends than other peers to get along to play during at that time. I thought that they were insulting me based on their judgments so I was very angry at them all the time, and I did not like how they were making fun of me at that time. Therefore, this is lead to…

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