Essay on The Tragedy Of The Salem Witch Hunt

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A major tragedy in American History occurred known as Salem Witch Hunt. In the year of 1692, 150 women and men had been accused, tortured, arrested, put to trial and charged with the crimes of witchcraft. The Salem witchcraft incident began when two young girls, nine-year old Elizabeth Parris and eleven year old Abigail Williams began to have strange fits. Samuel Parris did not believe that his daughter and niece were bewitched. However, Physician William Griggs believed, “the girls were under an evil hand” . Samuel and other ministries were convinced that someone had bewitched the girls which lead them to pray for an answer. At the end of February the girls accused three women of bewitching this lead to many trials. The first trial was scheduled for June2, 1692 in Salem Town which Bridget Bishop was the first to be convicted and sentenced to hang. By the end of the trail over fifty people had confessed of being witches. The New England colonists believed that witchcraft destroyed lives, devastated families, and left neighborhoods damaged by resentment which leads to difficulties in their society. Michael P. Johnson notes, “New Englanders believed that witches were capable of using their occult powers to cause bad thing to happen to people”. Usually, they believed, witches were in league with the devil, who used them as his agents to cause havoc” .Witchcraft destroyed lives, devastated families and left neighborhoods damaged by resentments in New England in the case of…

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