The Tragic Hero Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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In the novel, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the protagonist is faced with many challenges that ultimately end in tragedy. In addition, a tragedy in Shakespearean plays always involve a man of high estate, a flaw in character, misconceptions, rationalizations, murder, and death of a tragic hero. Order is always restored, but it takes the sacrifice of the hero to make this possible. A tragic hero is someone who leads to their own downfall from the start due to a personal weakness within their character. Although, Hamlet carries out his father’s request to avenge his death the resolution ends up affecting the entire country of Denmark. As a result, Hamlet’s choice not to avenge his father 's death and within that window of opportunity he loses complete control of the situation and things turn against him making him his own tragic hero. Moreover, there are always elements of a tragic hero that show how the main character is lead to their own downfall because they are too blind to see the truth. The elements that cause Hamlet to lose control and become a tragic hero is the tragic flaw, which result in Hamlets undoing, tragic irony, the tragic results from loss of control throughout the play, and most importantly catharsis the sudden climax of emotional change that results in Hamlet losing control and becoming a tragic hero.
By definition, a tragic flaw is a fatal character development, or lapse in judgment, in which results in their own undoing and tragic death within the…

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