Essay on The Transition Into A Life Of Slavery

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As soon as the first slaves arrived in the early seventeenth century, slavery resistance began. These people resisted what seemed unnatural to them. They demanded freedom. After landing in America, slaves resisted slavery in many ways, many of which were extremely aggressive and violent. Some forms of resistance included, theft, fleeing from their property owners, burning down properties, rebellion, and even more. Although forms of resistance varied, the common agreement was to attempt to claim some sort of freedom. They no longer wanted to be known as property and they were going to do whatever it took to gain that long awaited freedom. The transition into a life of slavery was devastating. These people were soon to be known as slaves and never again by their real names. They were taken hostage from their homes and they had no idea where they were going or what was going to happen to them. Why did they have to be chosen for what was soon going to be a miserable time in their lives? Many did not make it out alive, but for those who did survive, freedom was all that was on their minds and they believed it was right around the corner. Many salves resorted to drastic measures to attempt to escape their forced bondage. What they did not realize was that freedom wasn’t just granted that easily after they escaped. The most common acts of resistance took place on the mass amount of land owned by rich, white plantation owners. Slavery was about forced labor. If slave masters…

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