The Un Charter Protection Of Human Rights Essays

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Is it legitimate to intervene another state’s internal affairs? Do gross violations of human rights justify armed interventions to stop atrocities? According to the UN charter protection of human rights is the responsibility of the international community hence humanitarian interventions are foreign military actions which prevent or halt mass muyrder and other sever violations of human rights. In contrast the charter also prohibits forceful interference against the territorial intregrity and political independence of any state. The charter rests on the principle of sovergnty and here are the international community faces the moral and legal dilemma which takes precedence in humanaterina crisis sovereignty or human rights. For skeptics sovereignty is the key to international order and each date holds the legitimate right to use military force domestically , they argue that hegemonic powers might exploit and ability to disregard sovereignty . Not so humanaterian ie imperial interventions could be justified on human rights ground , using human rights as a foreign tool to promote national goals. Supporters of humanaterian intervention embrace the idea that sovereignty is conditional based on states actually protecting their citizens on human rights. Michael J. smith writes state which violates the intrigty of its subjects forfeits its claim to a full sovereignty(R). Similarly former UN secretary general Mr. Anan argued that no legal principle not even sovergnty can shield crime…

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