The United States And Jamaica Essay

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This past summer my family and I took a trip to Jamaica, it was then that I realized how different some countries can be from the United States. I am also from a Caribbean island, The United States Virgin Islands, however we are a U.S. territory and Jamaica is under British power. That alone gives you an idea of the differences we can hold. Though Jamaica is of British power it was not completely different from the United States. It was these differences and similarities that made me interested in researching about this beautiful and culture-rich country. Though, majority of the history and culture of the United States and Jamaica are dissimilar, the countless similarities of the two will leave you intrigued as we are not totally different from each other.
A similarity we both is alike the United States, Jamaica also acquired their independence from Great Britain. However, after Jamaica attained their independence, they decided to carry on a Constitutional parliamentary democracy, in reference to the government of Great Britain. So, in opposition to of having a president run the country, kin to the United States, Jamaica has a Prime Minister governing their country. However, their government is made up of three branches, legislative, executive, and judicial, reminiscent of the United States. The executive branch entails of the Governor General, the prime minister and, the cabinet. The legislative branch is a bicameral Parliament made up of twenty-one appointed senators and…

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