The United States And Japan Essay

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There does not currently exist one reliable method of verification to ensure a person is mentally and physically able to own a gun. Even though both Japan and the United States both require background checks, the end results and the depths to which each country adjudicates the checks are vastly different. In this essay I will attempt to highlight the major differences between the two countries in reference to the success and failure of each countries current background check systems. Likewise, I will discuss how the cultural differences between United States and Japan are responsible, in large part, for the overall gun policy in both countries. I will also point out some recent trends in United States society as it relates to gun ownership. Finally falling short of suggesting gun prohibition for the United Sates, I feel this essay will show how the United States should remodel its current background system to model Japans.

In 1958 the Japanese government passed the Japanese Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law. To date this is one of if not the most restrictive gun ownership legislations in the modern world. The law states, with very few exceptions, “In principle, the possession of firearms and swords is prohibited”. (Firearms Division) When discussing the perceived success of the Japanese Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law, one must consider the attitude of the Japanese citizen and their willingness abate some of their rights to ensure a safer society.…

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