The United States And Latin America Essay

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Throughout American history, millions of people around the world have abandoned their homeland for a change, to start a new life in a foreign country. Nonetheless, when it comes to Latinos, their migration has been a direct result of the United States’ domination and involvement with Latin American countries. The massive Latino migrant flows had a direct relationship to the growth of the U.S. Empire, whether it was through a political need of establishing relationships with its neighbors or an economic need such as labor demands, the truth is the U.S’s ideologies and policies have shaped their associations with other countries. With this in mind, the main reasons that led the U.S. to interventions in Latin America was the fear the Spanish, Russians and the other European countries might obtain control of Latin America. Nonetheless, the reality is the U.S. has been a self-appointed big brother to Latin America for three major reasons, economics which can be seen through the Manifest Destiny, where the U.S. wanted to expand, dominate and industrialize, dominion which it fortified through the Monroe Doctrine where the U.S. prohibited others from Latin American colonization, and security as addressed in the Platt Amendment where the United States wanted to dominate the Western Hemisphere through military implementation. These three movements allowed the U.S. to capture and take advantage of Latin America’s resources, while simultaneously exploiting and dominating the countries…

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