Essay on The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

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Human rights have become increasingly a central issue of the legal structure of society. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most widely recognized document in the world in regards to human rights *. The focus of this essay will be on the efficiency of the United Nations (UN), in safeguarding the rights of human beings through their political bodies and legislation besides the reaction to the courts’ decisions. In addition to that, the subject of this essay will be on torture.

Torture has been used for thousands of years as a method of punishment or extracting information with the first examples shown in the ancient civilizations of China and Rome *. The use of torture is still today widespread in day as shown by examples such as Guantanamo Bay *, despite the fact that torture is still used today, attitudes towards torture have changed as shown by the various bodies that are in place to prohibit torture, and also by the fact that international law prohibits torture and other forms of degrading treatment. These laws are strongly supported by many countries as evidenced by the fact that as of April 14, 2014, the UN Convention against Torture (CAT) had 155 signatories *. Despite the success of international law has taken with regard to torture, still it used in many countries around the world. A 2013 amnesty international report showed that 112 civilians tortured their states, also found that each year the torture was carried out with millions of people affected…

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