Essay on The Unseen Shame Of Public Vs. Private Conversations

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The Unseen Shame of Public vs. Private Conversations
If you were to ask most people what the word “language” represented, you would likely be given a general and vague explanation such as, a system of letters and symbols with corresponding rules that when arranged to form words, and properly and uniformly pronounced allow individuals to communicate within their circles. The ability to communicate clearly is part of what holds a society together, it allows us to live and work together, and without it most of what we know would cease to exist. Imagine a group of men unable to effectively communicate trying to construct a building; playing “charades” simply would not suffice.
While it’s true that Language has been a joining force amongst humans for thousands of years, across every culture, it has also been one of the greatest separating factors in human sociology. There are varying degrees effective communication, and often times those who come from countries in which English is not their native language , often find themselves in a compromise between holding onto their culture, and not being ostracized by the native English speakers in their communities.
Yet, even within the native English speaking society peoples, gender, age, and unique mannerisms, often present breakdowns in communication and leave individuals feeling as though they are on the outskirts of society.
Through the use of personal stories, authors Munoz, Tan, and Tanner’s similar writing styles highlight…

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