The Usa Cost Of Living Essay

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The USA cost of living is real different because it is high to live in USA but the salary is at a rage where you could go through life e if you have two or three jobs. The USA cost of living is all depended on where you live. for example if you live in north Carolina the cost of living is not going to be as high h is if you lived in new York or in any of the big cities in the US. The minimum wage here in the USA is seven dollars and twenty five cents and they are looking to race it. The benefits at jobs are real good, you have vacations and days off, plus the Christmas bonus if the job offers it. The rent in USA is all depended on where you live, but in average the lowest rent you can find here is about two hundred and fifty dollars a month, there is even a place where you can get it at one hundred and fifty a month at a trailer park. To buy a house in the USA is a pain, if you do not have credit than they do not trust you to buy a house. in the USA if you do not have a car you are in a big problem because having a car is a must have in the US because the buses do not cover that much of the city in some places and you are having to walk miles to get to a bus station. The gas in the USA is a little more affordable than it is in Guatemala. There is also the crime rate that Guatemala suffers today. Other than all the murders that happen in any given day in Guatemala. Guatemala also suffer from cops that do not want to do their job right and ask for favors in order for…

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