The Use Of Psychiatry / Psychology And Religion Essay

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Through the examination of total institutions and the effects deinstitutionalization, it is apparent that those with mental illness would best benefit from community programs such as the Supported Housing project.
Total Institutions By the end of the 1800s there was a movement to treat those with mental illness more humanely with the use of psychiatry/psychology and religion, as well as an emphasis on the belief that there was a cure that could be found through treatments. This shift in belief lead to psychiatric facilities that provided long-term care of those with mental illnesses. These facilities were problematic because they intended to cure and treat those with mental illness but the institution prevented its patients from being able to successfully reintegrate into society. A total institution is a concept Goffman (1961) created to characterize these psychiatric facilities which he described as small, segregated societies within larger society. These smaller societies are formal organizations with a specific goal they are organized around and they encompass all areas of an individual’s life (leisure, work, where they live, etc.). All total institutions have a centralized authority that structures the individuals within lives’ with strict routines (Goffman, 1961). Furthermore, the individuals within a total institution have their time and space controlled through enforced activities and the institution itself is organized around goals, in a psychiatric…

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