The Use Of Psychology From Other Sciences Essay

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To differentiate psychology from other sciences and to explain how the human mind processes information, various schools of thought have surfaced. Before the 1950s, psychologists used their own theories for classification of mental disorders. Now in its fifth edition, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) offers general criteria to diagnose psychiatric disorders. “DSM-5 takes a non-axial documentation approach, combining the first three DSM-IV-TR Axes into one list, while separate notation for Axes IV and V also have been made, covering psychosocial and environmental factors, as well as disability” (Madra, 2013, p.5) To treat mental disorders, theories developed and evolved. Among these theories is functionalism, Gestalt, psychoanalytic, behaviorism, humanistic, and cognitive. These theories use therapy, such as cognitive and psychodynamic therapy, to treat mental disorders. To treat a mental illness with success, psychologists must be able to differentiate normal and abnormal psychology; diagnose a mental disorder and mental illness; and identify the best therapy to the treat a psychiatric disorder.

In psychology, there is normal and abnormal psychology. “Normal psychology studies human behavior with a focus on “normal” or average, socially-acceptable traits and behaviors.” (Rodger, 2013) For example, child psychology studies the mental and behavioral characteristics of children as they develop and age. Normal psychology creates a reference…

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