The Vegan Diet Of Vegan Essay examples

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The Vegan Diet

Vegan is a term that is refers to an individual who simply doesn 't eat meat or foods coming from an animal. In short, that means excluding foods such as eggs, margarine and dairy products, however, it does include plenty of vegetables, grains, fruits, legumes, nuts and beans. Being vegan is a definite change of lifestyle. Can you imagine not eating a hamburger made with “real” beef? It 's difficult for some people to envision, however, becoming a vegan has its advantages, especially if weight loss is a priority. Besides, there variations of the hamburger or hot dog that may pleasure the taste buds.

There are tricks to getting the nutrients that may have been eliminated by excluding meats from your daily meals. Vegans find the diet very satisfying and can still partake of the usual lunches or dinners such as salads, soups, chips and other foods. How about a meatless spaghetti for dinner with bread sticks, a fajita, or a burrito packed with rice, black beans and tofu? Sounds yummy, doesn 't it? If that doesn 't tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other recipes available that will jump start your appetite. The Vegan menu will have fewer calories which allows for a lower body mass or BMI. If you stick to the diet, chances are you will lose weight and be much healthier because of it. Vegans, of course, consume less fat than those who eat solid and substantial meals with meat. By deleting animal-derived foods off the menu, the pounds will drop…

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