The War Of The World War I Essay

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Bang! Bang! The war began. Germany defended Austria from Serbia and Russia defended Serbia from Germany in 1914. The increase in nationalism, competition amongst European nations and having international alliances made this war a tremendous war. Although the United States stayed neutral for most of the war between the Allied Powers (Russia, France, and Great Britain) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire), the entry of the U.S in World War I was known for being the turning point of the war. But how influential was the U.S to this World War? The United States took this chance to show the world how powerful they were. By providing men, care, and resources, the United States helped end World War I. Before entry into the war, the United States was preparing their military just in case of any surprises. Just as we anticipated the unexpected, Germany continued with unrestricted submarine warfare, which triggered the US to enter the war while Russia was quitting the war. “When America entered the conflict, there was a great outburst of patriotism”, that many even offered to volunteer (Zuber). The American people were determined to win this war; a major contribution that led the American troops to fight, stay strong, and rejuvenate Allied spirits. Although the Unites States had an army, the numbers were too small, forcing president Wilson to call for a draft. “The Allies had experienced commanders and units, the necessary artillery, aviation, and…

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