The Water Pollution Of California Essay

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Water pollution in California is a major issue that has been one of the main causes for them to ban plastic bags. The ocean water has raised a big health concern in California because people are swimming in water that has trash floating around them. Banning plastic bags is one of the most important things that have happened to the California environment because it will reduce the amount of plastic that is going into the Pacific Ocean. The water in California has a very big impact in what has caused the great pacific garbage patch. This has a major impact on California because people now have to worry about what is around them while being in the water.
California is doing the most to keep the water in the pacific clean. The water that they are swimming in now is now spreading infectious diseases that can be transmitted to ocean water (Angelo Bellomo of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health). It has been said that more people swim at the Santa Monica Pier than any other beach which is the most polluted beach than any other beach. The California PHO is now trying to find a way to determine water quality in California Beaches. This affects society because it shows how they have to limit them selves to things and by throwing their trash it will eventually comeback to them. They are also responsible for all of the diseases that they are putting into they oceans that they swim in. lots of people don’t really notice the trash that comes from them. When people step…

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