The Women 's Human Rights Essay

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Individual Reflection
This semester, I have learned about overall human rights, the theories of Hobbes and Locke, women’s human rights, genocide, group rights, and healthcare rights. This class challenged me to think deeper about what I personally believe and about our global problems. Because of our group research about human trafficking in Cambodia, I learned much more about women’s human rights violations than I ever would have found out. Two of the works that resonated with me this semester because of class discussions are Mackinnon’s text Rape, Genocide, and Women’s Human Rights, and excerpts from Sontag’s Regarding the Pain of Others. These different texts caused me to think about women’s human rights overall and society today.
In Catherine Mackinnon’s Rape, Genocide, and Women’s Human Rights, I found several statements that caused me to think deeper and differently about women’s human rights. I had never thought that “[t]he notion that these acts violate women’s human rights has been created by women, not by states or governments.” It is completely women 's responsibility to stand together and fight for their rights. Mackinnon asserts that when something happens to both men and women “like being beaten and disappearing and being tortured to death, the fact that those it happened to are women is not registered in the record of human atrocity.” When both men and women are persecuted, killed in war, or martyrs for their cause, it is viewed as an overall human rights…

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