The World 's Oldest Case Of Lung Cancer Essay

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History/ Background/ Origin The world 's oldest case of lung cancer traces back to Egypt, in 1500 b.c. The case reported 8 instances of tumors happening on the breast. This condition was dealt with by searing, a technique to completely get rid of tissue with a hot instrument called "the flame drill." It was additionally recorded that there was no treatment for the condition just a treatment. Lung tumors leading to cancer keeps on being the main reason for death in both men and ladies in the US, with more than 158,900 passings in 1999. Around the world, lung cancer has continued to execute more than 1 million individuals a year. Some question what brought about this deadly disease. According to the handbook, “ At some length possible etiologic factors: increased air pollution by gases and dusts, caused by industry; the asphalting of roads; the increase in automobile traffic; exposure to gas in World War I; the influenza pandemic of 1918; and working with benzene or gasoline.” Lung cancer had become the end result of the heavily polluted air that people had been inhaling. The connection between the smoking of cigarettes and lung cancer started to be suspected by citizens in the 1930s when they noticed the rising of this "strange" sickness. Cigarettes were noticed to be the reason for the wide ranging epidemic in the 1940s and 1950s, with the conjunction of studies from the study of disease transmission, creature tests, cell pathology and synthetic examination. Cigarettes…

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