The Writing 100 Course Feminists Bioethics : Women 's Health And Justice

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The Writing 100 course Feminists Bioethics:Women’s Health and Justice in Contemporary Medicine taught me how to write a stronger argumentative paper. As described in the syllabus, I learned how to “plan, draft, and revise efficiently and effectively”. When I first began I had poor outlining skills, disengaging introductions, and very long, confusing sentences throughout my work. After writing three major papers with many drafts and revisions, I have fulfilled my goal of being able to “share my knowledge with other” (Beginning Self Assessment). This course has prepared to me to write argumentative essays that effectively use good diction and resources to help make my points more powerful and convincing.
At the beginning of my journey I did not outline my work which equated to having no effective plan for my paper. I simply began to type which created disjointed leaps from one thought to another. In my first paper I did not plan transitions because I had no set direction for my work. For example, I concluded a paragraph with: “I find her arguments to be stable, well informed” then jumped into my next thought by starting a paragraph with: “Surrogacy, like adoption, needs to have strict regulations and easy to understand contracts in order to educate everyone of the risks and to protect the welfare of all parties involved” (1 Surrogacy Final). Apart from being unclear and confusing, it is clear that I had not put thought into how my paper should flow. However once instructed to…

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